Siri Rival: Google is Working on “Assistant” designed for Android 5.0 Jelly Bean!

androidassistantSiri was the sensation motivation behind iPhone 4S. Since, we are conscious with the pro point of Siri So, let me converse you something which can definitely benefit you! Expanding market has increased Siri Rival.

Since, Siri is used by using the power of your voice. So, Google is to forecast its new Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in the market. While Microsoft is happy with its own “TEllME” system, which it offers in Windows 7 phones. Every single app has the equivalent upshot and benefit. But, it will benefit you, because, escalating antagonism will diminish the price of the manufactured goods.

Furthermore, as per the fresh report, stated by TechCrunch, it was known that “Assistant” will not reckon as the part of GoogleX, like earlier, “Majel” was calculated. Also, we are not sentient with the realism. Thus, it may perhaps be a rumor or it may be true. But, we are still unclear with it.

From TechCrunch: “Well our friends over in Mountain View, never ones to miss out on an opportunity to compete, have come up with their own answer to Siri, Google ‘Assistant’ (earlier reports had it pegged as ‘Majel,‘ I have no idea whether that name was scrapped but do know that ‘Assistant’ is not a part of GoogleX as Majel was)”.

For Google, it will not going be simple to capture the entire market of Siri. But, for Apple it will befall durable to preserve the market when Siri Alternative is easily available in the market and that too in the Android Markets.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Release Date is still yet not flat. However, it is probably anticipated at the end of this year. Also, we are not aware with the release date of “Assistant”. But, we believe to include it (assistant) with Android 5.0 jelly Bean.

Utter! For Android Brings Speech Recognition to New Level to Beat Siri

Siri has been one of the most sought after feature since its release as part of iPhone 4S. There have come up a lot of Siri alternatives like Dragon Go! and Speaktoit but none of them have been able to work with the ease of Siri or integrate with system apps as well as Siri.

However, Utter! which is the totally new Siri-alternative for Android beats Siri on integration with system. Discovered today, this amazing voice-based personal assistant for android, beats Siri as well as all its alternatives. The credit of developing Utter! goes to Brandall from XDA-Developers which is a popular forum for Android enthusiasts, developers and modders.

Utter! comes with all the functionality of Siri but its strongest feature is its incredible tight integration with pre-included system apps and popular third-party party apps that you can install on your own from the Android Market. So, with Utter! Android beats Siri on integration with third party apps.

From YouTube:

“A first look at my android application ‘utter!’ which uses speech recognition to utilise the functionality of the applications already installed on your device.

It’s unlike the voice recognition software / applications Siri on iPhone 4S (IOS 5) or Speaktoit on Android or Ask Ziggy on Windows Phone 7 or the inbuilt voice actions for Android which all use their own functionality to provide search results.”

Besides performing the basic tasks Utter! can also perform advanced tasks like being able to have natural conversations where utter! takes information from your tweets, emails, texts, Google account, rebooting into bootloader, checking for travel details, checking your battery, and a smorgasbord of other tasks that would take far too much time for me to write about and for you to read.

As nothing’s perfect, Utter! is no exception. Unlike Siri which presents most of its information within the same window, utter! still tends to launch other apps when you give it commands like sending a text message. Moreover, Utter! Is also not as syntax-independent as Siri which can take in commands like “What’s the weather like today?” instead of “Weather in Cupertino, California”. However, as the app is just a third-party app there would be such a problem. Siri, on the other hand is integrated right into the operating system so it can do what it is capable of doing.

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