Issa Asad

About Issa Asad, Telecommunications Expert

Issa AsadKnown as a telecommunications expert with “real vision”, Issa Asad is the President, CEO, Founder, Co-Founder of Q Link Wireless a subsidiary of Quadrant Holdings, LLC.

Well-known throughout the telecom and technology industries, Issa Asad continuously hits his goals by achieving profitable gains in the extremely competitive domestic and international markets. Issa Asad is a respected Florida executive with experience since 1996.

By using his talent, skills and expertise of the telecom and technology industries, he has created and led some of the United States’ most respected telecom providers and companies. Some of his companies has been part of include:

  • I-Prepay, Inc.
  • X Change Communications
  • NCOM Networks
  • RTN Networks
  • WorldCom
  • Reliable Telecard and Prepaid Technologies.

Mr. Asad is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Q Link Wireless. The company supplies low-income individuals and families living in America a free cell phone with free minutes every month via the government benefit called the Lifeline Assistance Program. Issa Asad has led Q Link Wireless from conception to its current status as the country’s fastest-growing providers of prepaid and discount wireless services.

Issa Asad started his career by designing and developing Fine Foods Supermarkets, a retail convenience store and gas station chain located in New York and Florida.

Issa Asad started venturing into the telecommunications and technology industries in 1996 when he offered prepaid phone cards in his convenience stores and gas stations. Issa Asad knew that there was potential in phone cards, so using his retail background, he envisioned real-time PIN electronic delivery of prepaid phone services.

In 2000, Issa Asad joined Reliable Telecard and I-Prepay, Inc. to develop his concept for a PIN electronic delivery system for prepaid products. Now, the electronic prepaid industry nets hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
Issa Asad Logo in phoneSince then, he has focused his attention to the prepaid, technology and telecommunications industries and has spent time in various companies to increase sales and develop his innovative products and services. He has received numerous accolades from various industry publications, including Intelecard News andthe Prepaid Press.

Now, Issa Asad is involved in expanding partnerships for Quadrant Holdings, LLC within the South Florida market, and growing Q Link Wireless’ Lifeline services across the United States.