Issa Asad Shares How to Make Your Employees Productive in 2017

Issa Asad Productive Employee
Issa Asad Shares How to Make Your Employees Productive in 2017 Executives need to put in place effective techniques that address the needs of their key stakeholders. "Simply put, employees are important stakeholder that ought to be motivated continuously to enhance their job performance," explained Issa Asad Florida businessman, entrepreneur, and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, both located in South Florida. "Parameters that are gea...

Issa Asad Explains How to Tell if Your Startup is Successful

Issa Asad Successful Business
Issa Asad Explains How to Tell if Your Startup is Successful There have been some daunting numbers released on startups in recent years with studies showing that 75% of all startups fail; with 25% of them failing in the first year, 36% in the second, 44% in the third and 50% in the fourth year. "Founders of startups therefore have an uphill task when it comes to keeping a new business afloat and knowing how to tell if your startup is successful," explained Issa Asad Florida entrepreneu...

Issa Asad 4 Marketing Tips from the 2016 Presidential Election

Issa Asad 2016 Election
Issa Asad 4 Marketing Tips from the 2016 Presidential Election The 2016 presidential election has been eventful as usual, but besides the political slugfest, there was a lot for marketers to learn. It has brought forward both positive as well as negative marketing lessons for every business owner and marketer. Issa Asad Florida businessman, entrepreneur, and marketing expert says that the 2016 Presidential Elections can "teach many business owners and marketers a lesson or two in grab...

3 Tips for Using Twitter Images for Marketing

Issa Asad twitter
By default, Twitter is perceived as text-based social media platform. Recent research by HubSpot however, indicates that tweets accompanied with images get higher leads to the tune of 55%, compared to those without images. "Using images on Twitter does not have to be hard because with basic ideas, the process is fairly easy," said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and businessman. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, both located in South Florida. Here are 3 tips for...

5 Marketing Tips I Learned Since 1996

Issa Asad Business Expert
Every time we look back and reflect on all the things we have done with our lives there is always a feeling that there is probably some things that one could have done better. However, in most cases the lack of knowledge of how to do things better is what makes most of us fail to do these things. As years go by we learn more and hence we are left wishing we could turn back the hands of time. I am Issa Asad, and many know me as a telecommunications and marketing business owner. I have been a C...

10 Content Marketing Tools to Make Your Content Stand Out

Issa Asad content marketing
Creating a unique blog or article is the challenging task of most of the writers. "This is because the search engines are flooded with millions and millions of articles and it is often tough to check the uniqueness of the written articles," explained Issa Asad, the tech guru and Florida-based entrepreneur from Miami, Florida. Mr. Asad's tech companies are located in South Florida, and includes Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless. This article discusses the ten useful tools in content market...

How to Use Brand Ambassadors to Promote Your Business

Issa Asad Brand Ambassadors
Get hold of brand ambassador today and you will be on a fast lane to doubling or even tripling your sales. Brand Ambassadors are people who are passionate about your products and create a positive vibe around them when conversing. "Your role should be creating them a platform where they can talk to as many people as possible," asserted Issa Asad, Florida-based entrepreneur and social media expert. "You must harness the power of your brand ambassadors through visual content marketing." Mr. Asa...

Hire These 6 Types of People for Your Content Marketing Team

In marketing, content is the king. This implies that it’s easy to influence consumer behavior through value-added content without having to employ complex sale techniques. Besides addressing lifestyle interests and consumer needs attached to your products, value-added content has an educative aspect that benefits readers. It helps earn trust about your products and company. “Although content marketing appears simple in theory, it is hard to implement,” said Issa Asad, a Florida-based entr...

Issa Asad’s 5 Quotes That Will Inspire Entrepreneurs to Act Fast

Having a sense of urgency by successful entrepreneurs involves skills like diligent work ethic and strong character. These skills are usually reflected in the entrepreneurs’ accomplishments and make them outstanding. Determination can be very significant in your life. Treating every moment and time with urgency will bring about quicker growth. Times are not always smooth and at times even the strong might be pushed to their breaking points and will develop thought of giving up or the feeling...

Tips for a Young Entrepreneur

Issa Asad Explains the 7 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Must Know While every business venture is different, there are certain universal facts that every business person invariably learns along the way. Here are some things you should know as a young entrepreneur before you build your business from the ground up. “If you are raring to create your own start-up, jump right in, but do it with an eye on reality,” said Issa Asad, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Quadrant Holdi...