Top 10 Android Ice Cream Features

Android-Ice-Cream-SandwichGoogle has introduced the latest version of their mobile OS, Android 4.0 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, perhaps the most delicious sounding OS in the history) with a smorgasbord of delectable new features. We’ve tried to narrow the list of our favorites to just the top 10 (not an easy feat). Taste our favorites below.

10. In-Call Text Responses – “I’m on the other line with my banker in Switzerland”

If you’re on the phone, and another call comes in that you can’t answer at the moment, you have the option to select and instantly send a pre-written text message explaining why you can’t answer the phone right then. The pre-written replies can be edited to suit your needs via the Settings menu.

9. Face Unlock – Your face is your secret code

The phone uses the camera and the facial recognition software to trap the primary user’s image, which will be used as an unlocking code. However, you still have the option of entering a code or using the drawing interface if you’re camera shy.

8. Android Beam – Bluetooth is so last decade

Allows two Android phones to quickly transfer apps, videos, pictures, directions, and more using NFC (near-field communication) just by tapping them together. No more Bluetooth blues – just tap and share.

7. New Browser – Shiny new Chrome

The Google Chrome browser has gained wide popularity on desktop computers, and the browser included in Android 4.0 has been upgrade to provide a similar browsing experience. An excellent feature is Chrome sync, which allows the users to sync bookmarks between their phone and their desktop copy of Chrome.

6. Data Download Management – Avoid data overage charges

Wireless companies seem to be clamping down on “unlimited” data plans, with expensive consequences for exceeding your allotted usage. Ice Cream Sandwich now lets the users activate warning messages when specific data limits are being approached, or actually cutting off data downloading if the limit is exceeded.

5. Updated Camera – No more missed shots waiting for the shutter to “click”

The Android 4.0 camera interface now allows the users to create panoramic photos, and quickly capture multiple shots, much like iOS 5, with almost no “shutter lag”. If you’re the type of user that edits their photos directly on the phone, you’ll love the updated photo editor packed with new filter effects.

4. Cool Lock Screen Features – Instantly check notifications, or access the camera

The new Ice Cream Sandwich lock screen now allows its users to instantly access the Notifications bar literally at-a-glance. Users can also quickly access the camera from this screen.

3. Speech Recognition – “…dictated but not read.”

Ice Cream Sandwich now boasts an updated speech recognition package that allows users to create text messages, e-mails, and accomplish other tasks by using only their voice.

2. Updated Contacts App – Power to the Peoples (app)!

Ice Cream Sandwich includes the long-awaited (and much needed) update to the Contacts App, now called the Peoples App. In addition to an attractive new look, the Peoples App features tight integration with social networking sites –you can update your contacts as their status is changed.

1. Updated Google Apps – Even more Google power

One of the main benefits of using an Android-powered device is its tight integration with Google’s services. Ice Cream Sandwich includes a significant upgrade to all of these core apps, including Gmail, Google Maps, and widgets. If you use Gmail and Google Maps as much as we do, you’ll greatly appreciate these new enhancements.

If you are one of the millions who use Google’s various services every single day, you deserve a tasty Ice Cream Sandwich (which runs on both phone and tablet devices). You’ll find yourself experiencing Gmail, Google Maps, and even their widgets on a whole new level. Also, make certain you have high speed internet connectivity since you will need it to enjoy all of Ice Cream’s new features. Take a look at Att uverse coupon code savings to save on AT&T’s new high speed offers.

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  1. Interesting and informtive article about Android ICS. It’s very useful for me as I am a Android user. Some of the features described here was unknown to me. Thanks to the writer for sharing.

  2. Interesting and informtive article about Android ICS. It’s very useful for me as I am a Android user. Some of the features described here was unknown to me. Thanks to the writer for sharing.

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