Tips for a Young Entrepreneur

Issa Asad Explains the 7 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Must Know

businessWhile every business venture is different, there are certain universal facts that every business person invariably learns along the way. Here are some things you should know as a young entrepreneur before you build your business from the ground up.

“If you are raring to create your own start-up, jump right in, but do it with an eye on reality,” said Issa Asad, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Quadrant Holdings, LLC, Centurion Logistics, LLC, and Q Link Wireless, LLC. Issa Asad is a respected and well-known telecom expert and has over 15 years of experience in the technology and telecom industries.

Issa Asad has shared some things you should know as a young entrepreneur before you build your business from the ground up. Keep these points in mind and work hard; you can gear yourself better for success!

#1 Stay Focused

Many budding entrepreneurs are tempted to jump at every opportunity that comes their way. Juggling too many things will distract you from your main goal, and reduce your productivity and effectiveness. Get down to doing that one thing in the best possible way instead of managing 10 things at a time. Remind yourself, over and again to stay focused.

#2 Follow Your Passion

Do not opt for something just because it looks great or because everyone else is doing it. Know what you are good at, and follow your heart. When you do something you are passionate about, you have a greater chance of success. If your heart is not in what you are doing, you will not go far.

#3 Start Working

No book or advice can prepare you fully to become a successful entrepreneur. A perfect plan never happens. While you must start a business only after careful planning, do not spend a lot of time in thinking and analyzing. Get down to starting the job and learn hands-on. You will mature only when tested under fire.

#4 Spread the Word

One of the most important things every young entrepreneur must know is that they will have to work towards advertising their business well. Have the courage to talk about your venture when appropriate. If you are shy and are struggling to share information about your company, how will people come to know what you have got? We have to begin somewhere, so just start talking.

#5 Effective Communication

Always be ready to pitch your venture. Speak about your service, mission and goals in a concise and crisp manner. However, keep in mind to never bombard people with too much information. While your excitement about your business is understandable, talking incessantly about it can be a major put off for potential customers. People are innately resistant to marketing so let them open up to you so that you can address their needs via your business instead of the other way round.

#6 Watch your Cash

In the initial few days of your business, forget about plush offices, swanky cars and a fat wallet. Practice the art of being frugal. Keep a low overhead and maintain your cash flow well. Several profitable businesses fail due to money issues.

#7 Stay Fit and Healthy

You will be much more alert and productive if you take good care of yourself. A healthy diet, a daily regimen of exercise, meditation and spending time by yourself can relieve you of the daily stresses and keep you dynamic and productive.

5 thoughts on “Tips for a Young Entrepreneur

  1. It’s important for young entrepreneurs to first, understand all of the basics before getting their feet wet. Mr. Asaad offers valuable advice that every entrepreneur should follow; regardless of age.

  2. Wow, thank you for your advices. I’m a young entrepreneur (i’m 23 years old) and I really need these kind of advices for starting my online business. This article really inspired me and I’m really working hard to follow those points. Thank you

  3. This article reminded me of some things I learned a while back from Steve Pavlina’s blog. Indeed there is no perfect plan as you said. I am an entrepreneur and lately I am facing some difficulties. This article helped me understand certain things. I would like to know if there is some solution if we lose the path along the way. Thanks.

  4. Great information. My sister is a young entrepreneur and she is always looking for information on how to get started and what mistakes not to make. I will be sending her the link to this article. Thanks.

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