Issa Asad’s 5 Quotes That Will Inspire Entrepreneurs to Act Fast

Having a sense of urgency by successful entrepreneurs involves skills like diligent work ethic and strong character. These skills are usually reflected in the entrepreneurs’ accomplishments and make them outstanding. Determination can be very significant in your life. Treating every moment and time with urgency will bring about quicker growth. Times are not always smooth and at times even the strong might be pushed to their breaking points and will develop thought of giving up or the feeling...

6 Skills Every Telecommunications Entrepreneur Needs

Issa Asad Telecommunications Expert
Telecommunications is the exchange of information over long distances through electronics means. It started in 1837 with the invention of the telegraph and drastically expanded with the discovery of the telephone, radio, television, and the internet among other technological devices. The telecommunications industry has a wide coverage that includes switching, wireless, cabling, transmission, optical communications, media, and IP networks. The telecommunications entrepreneur exploits the opportun...