“Speed Booster” Android App to Boost up Your Android Device Freeing CPU and Memory Resources

The Android OS is gaining popularity day by day. Many mobile and tablet manufacturers prefer using Android OS on their device as Android apps are available widely to download at free or low price. You might be aware that tablet area comes with limited processor speed and RAM memory. For that we need to manage our Android application according to our Tablet or smartphone hardware configuration.

androidspeedboosterDo you have a slow android device? Do you want to increase speed of android smartphone? You don’t know but your android device stores cache files on your phone because of which it may slow down on being used long enough. In such a case you need to increase speed of android device. And for exactly this purpose there has come out an app called ‘Speed Boosters’ developed by Silver Spark Studios. As the name suggests, this app is to boost speed of android smartphone or tablet up to 100%.

Features of the Speed Booster

  • Speed Booster can help to increase speed of android tablet as well as smartphone.
  • It boasts of a very simple and easy to use user-interface.
  • There is a single Instant Boost button in the main menu. It has four smaller buttons to boost up the functioning, storage and running of apps.

The app studies the apps that are already running, the RAM, your saved data and system files to empty the memory resources.

  • First of all it gets on with instant boost.
  • Then it shuts down those apps that are running in the background and lets go of their memory
  • It deletes the data from the clipboard
  • Your “browser privacy issues” like cache, cookies and saved passwords are ensured safety.
  • It can recover memory that was in apps previously stopped by cleaning the memory.

Another amazing feature of the Speed Booster is that it can select apps and uninstall them in a shot. Besides that it has everything rounded up under one button.

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