Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date News – Could Samsung Release The Galaxy S III In April?

This is a hot and happening month. Not that it has many new gadget releases, but quite a lot of rumors pin this month as the release month for several much-awaited gadgets, including the one which we’ve taken up for discussion – Samsung Galaxy S III.

s3The successor to the widely popular Samsung Galaxy S II has been in the news for long. Ever since the talk about S III originated, and some leaked images of the original device were put up by GSM Network, the smartphone has been quite a hot topic of discussion and debates.

Recent rumors suggest that Samsung could be considering pushing up the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date to April. Of course, this is just a rumor again, but it is well-founded and made by some credible names in the industry. Samsung, however, has made one thing very clear: it will announce any plans for the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date via Twitter first.

May 22 Was The First Rumor

What’s important to note is that the Galaxy S3 release date was first rumored to be set to May 22nd this year which was conveniently the Q2 of 2012 (a time when Samsung had said it would consider launching the smartphone, to a query from Verge).

Some sources from the South Korean industry report that Samsung could be considering forwarding this date to sometime in April.

Samsung has tasted enormous success in the form of sales of 5 million units of Galaxy Note in the Asian region alone (China being the largest). While the Galaxy Note offers a mixed experience of both a tab and a phone, Samsung might want to catapult on this success and get the Galaxy S3 launched sooner.

Competing With Only iPhone 5?

It could be said that Samsung Galaxy S3 would be the most advanced smartphone of its time but that’s a statement based out of existing market trend and rumored Samsung Galaxy S3 features. While Samsung smartphones like the Ace, Nexus and S-series are compared often to the iPhone as competitors (and while it’s partly untrue), the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already being compared as the Android-counterpart of iPhone 5.

Elsewhere, we find Samsung Galaxy S3 being compared head-on with HTC One X which is another Android 4.0 ICS smartphone aimed to revive the falling HTC flagship.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date News – Could Samsung Release The Galaxy S III In April?

  1. Hi Issa i think that now Samsung are faced with more and more rival competitors in China they will try and stay ahead of the chasing pack and release the phone early. Thanks for sharing

  2. I am still enjoying this phone. The camera is very nice and in general, it works very well. Even if I bought it a year ago I never regretted it. I also got an LG but it didn’t work as well. Never regretted buying Samsung S III.

  3. Samsung has always been ahead of the game & appreciate your expertise when it comes to telecommunications as always!

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