Is Nokia Lumia 900 Release Date Set for February 2012?

Nowadays countless rumors are there on the web for Nokia Lumia 900 Release Date. As we now that Nokia Lumia 800 was just a taste of what Nokia can do with Windows’ mobile OS. We also know that Nokia still has other stuff to control the market of smart phones because it is still one of the best innovators of mobile phone in the world. Nokia has shown the world that innovation is not just only cramping specifications into a device. Nokia has shown with Lumia 800 that how much a phone can do without exceeding its specifications. Thus, Nokia Lumia 800 was the finest result of collaboration of Nokia and Microsoft. Now Nokia and Microsoft have got one step further to give their best in the world of Smartphones.

Nokia-Lumia-900-Release-DateUpdated (12-Jan-2012): The much awaited handset Nokia Lumia 900 is out to be a wonder among the Windows Phone 7 fans. Said to be releasing by March 18th.

With that, the rumor has spread all over the world about releasing of another premium series of Nokia Windows’ phone in form of the Nokia Lumia 900. The newNokia Lumia 900 will release date could be in the next year, probably in the first quarter of 2012. Nokia Lumia 900 launch date is not yet confirmed till now but according to rumors it will surely release before or in February 2012. Rumor was spread during the Lumia 800 release, or even before that. Some of the major blogs like HTB was zeroing the device and the rumor of Nokia Lumia 900 is confirmed when an Indian news app, Times of India, has shown the hints for Nokia Lumia 900. But however, the Nokia Lumia 900’s release date is not conformed so many consumers want to know that what the exact Nokia Lumia 900 release date is. Because Nokia Lumia 800 was one of the best smart phone and the look of the phone was also stylish, which made the consumers very curious to know the Nokia Lumia 900 release date.

The bloggers have also confirmed that Nokia Lumia 900 will be having the latest version of windows’ mobile OS that is, Tango, and is almost ready for its grand arrival. According to Microsoft, Tango is one of the finest creations of windows. Nokia is also trying to execute its own video calling application on the Tango OS along with having all other benefits that the Nokia users usually enjoy from Nokia. But the NFC is not been included on the Nokia Lumia 900 and can be seen on the next generation Nokia Windows phone, which is probably named as Apollo.

A blogger from Geektechblog, Alexander Jethwa said in his statement that he had his hands on Nokia Lumia 900 and in fact he told that “a nicer camera to compliment the big screen”. Alexander also comments that Nokia Lumia 900 is just a bigger, probably blown up, 800. He also said that the images of Nokia Lumia 900 circulating around the web are not the Lumia 900. Nokia is waiting for the feedback from Lumia 800 before confirming the Nokia Lumia 900.

Below are few specifications of Nokia Lumia 900:

a). 1.4 GHz CPU

b) . Gyro sensors

c). LTE support

d). 16 and 32 GB versions

e). Micro USB exposed

f). Tango OS

g). Pin push SIM etc.

Thus, though rumor has it for the moment, but the same looks to be promising and all ready to hit the market. The only game which lies to be played is to anticipate some other Smartphone which can probably give some stiff competition to the Nokia Lumia 900. The Blackberry Bold 4 is regarded as the closest competitor in this respect.

4 thoughts on “Is Nokia Lumia 900 Release Date Set for February 2012?

  1. I only recently bought myself the new Nokia Lumia 900, and I must say it’s a perfect fit for someone like me! I’ve always been a huge Nokia fan, but with this phone, they’ve really outdone themselves. The only downside to my purchase was that they didn’t have it in the color that I wanted, so I got the black version which still was a fantastic buy for me.

  2. A good start to know about the release description about Nokia Lumia 900. This article helps a lot to all who are in need of buying Nokia Luia 900. Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. I must say it’s a perfect fit for someone like me! I’ve always been a huge Nokia fan, but with this phone, they’ve really outdone themselves. Thanks for sharing this article.

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