New iMac would be Slimmer with Anti-Reflective Glass Displays?

iMac, a new Desktop by Apple would be completely a revamped form of desktop. This new iMac is speculated to be a Slimmer with Anti-Reflective Glass Displays and is supposed to arrive around second half of 2012.

imacThis is not the first time when rumors have been arrived about slimmer models but what is new this time is a feature of anti- reflective display. The origin of this news is ‘DigiTimes‘ who further claimed that a company known as G–Tech will provide anti –reflective displays to Apple for its iMacs.

If these reports are to be believed further then G-Tech is also speculated to deliver AR ( Anti –reflective ) glass solutions for Apple’s all in one PCs.

This new innovative iMac is believed to be on the same line on which most admired LED TVs are based upon. This new desktop seems to be a great multimedia desktop, appearing slimmer and lighter this time. iMacs Features are believed to be packed with amazing energy saving features, quad –core powerful processor and OS, an incredible display with LED backlit, HD resolution screen, Super-fast Thunderbolt I/O, Face time HD camera, Multi-touch Two ways Mouse and mind blowing AMD Radeon HD graphics card.

After going through remarkable iMac Specifications, one thing gets clear and that is this new iMac by Apple is surely going to change the conventional image of the Pc’s which would remind us of thicker and unfashionable PC models.

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