Hire These 6 Types of People for Your Content Marketing Team

Issa Asad Florida Bond
Issa Asad Florida CEO of 2 companies located in South Florida.

In marketing, content is the king. This implies that it’s easy to influence consumer behavior through value-added content without having to employ complex sale techniques. Besides addressing lifestyle interests and consumer needs attached to your products, value-added content has an educative aspect that benefits readers. It helps earn trust about your products and company.

“Although content marketing appears simple in theory, it is hard to implement,” said Issa Asad, a Florida-based entrepreneur and CEO of 2 companies located in South Florida: Q Link Wireless, LLC, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC.

When not done appropriately, it leads to inefficiency,” said Asad. When developing a content marketing initiative, you must have a competent team by your side. The following is a description of six people you must have in your content marketing team. Hire these 6 types of people for your content marketing team.

1. Chief Content Officer (CCO)

The CCO is in charge of developing strategies, giving directions, and setting goals and a mission statement for the initiative. He or she oversees manages the integration of the content initiative and keeps engaged throughout the project to ensure it is fruitful. The CCO must demonstrate a high-level of understanding of the content marketing, but should not necessarily have the ability to design or produce videos.

2. Managing Editor (ME)

The ME ensures the strategy your team adopts is brought into reality. He or she is the action person and is responsible for the development of the editorial calendar. All the workers involved in the production of content are answerable to him. Content produced must pass through him/her for editing. The tone, style, policing quality, and purposefulness of the mission are the ME check. The ME and CCO can at times be combined into a single position. The ME should be an excellent content creator such as a writer or editor.

3. Content Creators

Content Creators are in charge with the creation of raw content that the ME must refine. They can be customer service representatives of subject-matter experts, but are not necessarily trained writers. Additionally, they can be freelancers or staffers. Content creators can also be substituted with content curators. Curators search information online that your team can modify. Care should be taken since the curated information is not unique.

4. Content Producers 

Content Producers are designers and videographers among other professionals that ensure your content is perfect in terms of optimization and formatting. They can also distribute the content and ensure it gets to the destined channels. The production team can also include content syndicators because their responsibility is to share the final content.

5. Analyst

The analyst reviews all content related data such as downloads, conversation rates, page views, and information requests. He then provides other team members with interpretations and gives appropriate recommendations. The CCO, as well as, the rest of the development team uses the information to assess the organization’s progress towards achieving the set goals. The information is also used to enhance the team’s efforts.

6. Chief Listening Officer (CLO)

The CLO pays attention to information in all channels of communication such as social media. He or she routes the tapped information to the other team players. At times, the CLO participates in conversations and helps maintain them. He or she uses feedback from the discussions to help the organization respond accordingly.

These are the most important people that should be in your content team. You can, however, make adjustments by either reducing or increasing the team players according to your company structure.

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