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We are glad to inform you that… now Google has officially declared that… they are going to launch Google Chrome for Android users! Till now, everyone was using Google chrome, in their own personal PC. But now, when Google has legally stated that – any Android users can also take the advantage of Google Chrome; so now an Android user can shift her/ his desktop screen on her/ his Smartphone’s.

Post taken from the Blog of Google Chrome:

UBTMrmOAt present, we are officially announcing Google Chrome for Android Smartphone’s. Additionally, we have made the application in such a manner that… you will love it, for your Android 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich either for tablets or for phone’s. The reason we introduced Google Chrome for Desktop was speed and simplicity…and it has followed the same for Android! You can easily sync and sign-in with your device with your personal account and that too anytime anywhere.”

Since we all know that any innovation or discovery has their own benefits and drawbacks. So, like others, Google Chrome for Android will also have the same.

Benefits of Google Chrome for Android:

  • Google Chrome for Android supports tabs and comes out with the ability to synchronize completely with the chrome of the desktop.
  • It is user-friendly
  • If you have sync you’re Android with Google chrome desktop, then, you will find that the tabs which you left open in the desktop, the same will be shown on your device.

Limitations of Google Chrome for Android:

  • The only limitation of Google Chrome for Android is that… it is only used in 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich.

We are also aware that only 1% of Android users are having this device, but we are waiting for the reply of XDA- Developers, to make, Chrome for Android older version. We will put the link of it, once they are ready with it!

Thus, it is advisable too those users who have 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that they canDownload Google Chrome for Android for simplicity and for better speed.

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  1. Chrome browser in pc have been know for its speed surfing. The same speed of internet surfing is now available for smartphones.

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