Apple TV Release Date: Best Buy Consumer Survey Hints Amazing Apple TV Features

We often come across of the rumor which claims that Apple is going to launch its own Television… But we also come across some counter-rumors, which claim that the relese date is near.

A survey was also conducted by “The Verge” regarding the design and cost of the Apple iTV… They conducted the survey among the people! In addition to it, the survey also says that,the new television would take advantage of both iCloud & iOS… Which will have the capacity to change the method of watching the television, which we initially use to follow it, till yet? The survey also talks about the features of Apple TV!


Let’s Talk about the Price Factor:

Since, cost is the basic thing which we all look forward… because from it we can easily derive that it will fit in our budget or not? As per the survey conducted by Best Buy, Apple TV will be available at $1500, which is a huge amount for purchasing a TV. When other TV products cost is falling down since last one year.

While referring to the survey of Best Buy, we claim that it is unbelievable… Also, we are looking forward of Apple TV Launch Date, because this survey can also be a rumor?

  • LED flat panel display with 42”, which is supported with 1080p.
  • Basic advantage of the Apple TV is, now, we can easily watch any movie, directly, from internet… with the help of the set top box offered by apple’s Operating system.
  • Furthermore, we can easily download or use apps directly through internet. Thus with the help of it you can play Angry Birds game on a big screen, just imagine the output on a big screen!
  • ICloud has the facility to store and record your movies, music content, TV shows, etc. which you have ever purchased it through iTunes. So, that you can easily watch the same at your convenient time, on Apple HDTV.
  • You can use your I-Device such as: iPhone, iPad, etc. for performing activities such as: Purchasing movies, games, or even you can easily control TV channels through it.
  • It is easy to attach camera a microphone for your Skype account!
  • One can easily take advantage of iTunes, by collecting the data from some websites such as: YouTube, flickr, etc.
  • All these are available at just $1499.

So, be the first to take the advantage of all this facilities which is offered by Apple at just $1499.

4 thoughts on “Apple TV Release Date: Best Buy Consumer Survey Hints Amazing Apple TV Features

  1. i am looking forward to this moment.everithing that apple launch is exellent. we will enter in new world of wathing tv with this product

  2. Apple TV at $1499 may be expensive but its definitely worth investing. I appreciate the advantage where you can attach a mic for the Skype account especially as I ahve to keep in touch with my friends abroad. This will be like my laptop like watching movies and then using Skype.

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