10 Content Marketing Tools to Make Your Content Stand Out

Issa Asad content marketingCreating a unique blog or article is the challenging task of most of the writers. “This is because the search engines are flooded with millions and millions of articles and it is often tough to check the uniqueness of the written articles,” explained Issa Asad, the tech guru and Florida-based entrepreneur from Miami, Florida. Mr. Asad’s tech companies are located in South Florida, and includes Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless.

This article discusses the ten useful tools in content marketing for making your content stand out in the search engines. Here are the 10 content marketing tools to make your content stand out.

1. Power Words on Headlines

Providing unique and powerful headlines for your content makes it attractive and helps grab the attention of the online readers. The list provides the best collection of words that can be used in your article for headlines.

2. Guru

The Guru website offers affordable contents that are unique when compared to other freelancer websites. Due to the reduced fee for their services, Guru is preferred by many freelancers to order for unique contents.

3. Unplag

The Unplag is a plagiarism checker that is very reliable. It involves checking of your content across the internet database in real time and also across the database of your files. The tool has a provision of saving your old documents so that the self-plagiarism is avoided in the future.

Some of you might be wondering about writing contents that are relevant to the current situations. The tools that help you to create articles according to the current trends are listed below.

4. Topsy

The Topsy tool will be helpful in searching and analyzing the recent trends with respect to your niche. It can be blog posts, tweets, photos, or videos. The tool helps in identifying the influencers and to make contact with those people about the collaborations.

5. Feedly

Feedly is the modern version of the RSS feed reader. This helps you to know more about the relevance of your topic or product.

Creating images eliminates the fear of any plagiarisms or repetitions. The article becomes attractive with a catchy image. The availability of digital images is more, but it is important that you choose the right one suiting your unique needs. The following tools help you in creating unique images for your content.

6. HaikuDeck 

HaikuDeck is used for creating beautiful, funny and simple presentations. This tool designs for any presentation that are made for any purposes. They will work a great deal when used for creating presentations for blog content, new business product, article illustration and so on. The HaikuDeck tool is available as two versions, one for the web and other for the iPad.

7. Canva

Canva is used for visual content creation and is a universal tool. They can used for creating many things, like gift cards, infographics, social media pages, your blog post’s feature pictures and so on.

8. InfoActive.co

InfoActive.co will be helpful in case you are looking for converting your complex data to interactive reports and infographics. They make things easy to understand for the readers. The tool provides with various types of graphic and diagram to make your data look better through their visualization.

9. Fotor.com

Fotor.com helps in creating collages. Some of your needs may demand collage and here is where this tool comes handy. The tool can also be used to edit a photo or a card design.

10. BeFunky

BeFunky helps editing of your images and photos at an expert level. It is considered to be the best online photo editor which is very easy and comfortable to use. Most importantly, this tool comes as free!

By now, the readers would have got the insight of various content marketing tools available on the Internet. Now it’s time for you to use these valuable resources and tools to make your content stand out and stand unique!

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